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Aperto de graduação



A Postgraduate Diploma is designed to broaden and deepen an individual's knowledge and skills, based on achievement of the main subject(s) of the qualification level, graduate diploma or postgraduate certificate. University graduate. A Postgraduate Diploma prepares an individual for independent research and scholarship in the main subject of the diploma.
A Postgraduate Diploma can be awarded with distinction.

An individual for the Postgraduate Diploma in a particular subject or, where appropriate, a related field will normally have completed all the requirements of the relevant Bachelor's Degree or Graduate Certificate or Diploma, or is considered to have acquired the relevant skills and knowledge through suitable work or professional experience at an additional level.


A graduate of a Postgraduate Diploma is able to:

Show evidence of advanced knowledge about a field of research or professional practice

Engage in rigorous intellectual analysis, criticism and problem solving.

credit requirements

The Graduate Diploma requires a minimum of 120 credits at levels 7 and above, with a minimum of 72 credits at level 8.

Relation to other qualifications

A person holding a Postgraduate Diploma may be eligible to apply for a Masters Degree


6.5 overall score and none of the bands less than 6 on the IELTS test or equivalent proficiency test


Permission to work during the course and open work visa for 3 years after completion of the course. Spouse and school-age children benefit (rules apply).

Worked hours

The student is allowed to work 20 hours per week during the course and full time during vacation. Spouse can work full time (rules apply).

Start of classes

You should pay attention to the institution's calendar

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