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Student visa 

general information student visa

To apply for this visa, it is necessary to apply online directly on the immigration website, here:

  • Passport (for Brazilians, valid for at least three months after departure from New Zealand);

  • 1 digital photo - ;

  • Copy of air ticket (round trip) – Return or departure ticket with the date scheduled for the end of your course to a country you have the right to enter, or NZ$2,000 extra to prove you can buy an exit ticket from the country;

  • Sufficient money to stay in New Zealand for the duration of your course (NZ$1,250 per month) on behalf of the visa applicant or via the Financial Evidence Form – the person responsible can be a family member or a company –  INZ1014 – Financial Undertaking for a Student . Bank proof can be done through the last 6 months of a bank statement or by filling out Section E of the form by the manager of the bank where the responsible individual or company has an account; or use the Temporary Entry Person Responsible Form -  INZ1025 – Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry . Use this form only if the responsible person is a New Zealand citizen or resident, or an organization or agency of the New Zealand government.

  • Proof of vacancy/enrollment offer at the School or Educational Institution;

  • Proof of payment for the course [school receipt proving full payment for the course];

  • Health insurance for as long as you are in New Zealand;

  • Proof that you have a reservation for accommodation in New Zealand (homestay, hotel, hostel) and the address where you will be staying for a person under 20 years of age;

  • Proof of ties to Brazil (eg letter from your employer, letter from college, previous trips, property in your name).

  • Anyone who is going to stay in New Zealand for a period longer than 6 months and less than 12 months must submit a  chest x-ray  and for those who will stay in New Zealand for a period longer than 12 months, in addition to the  Chest x-ray should also do a general medical exam , done with  accredited physician, see the listing here  and about the required exams.

  • Anyone who is going to stay in New Zealand for a period longer than 24 months (including the time you have already stayed in New Zealand), must present the Criminal Records Certificate -  Police Certificate . Each country has a specific process for this request, for Brazilian citizens it must be done by  Federal Police website , Portuguese citizens should apply for the  Criminal Record Certificate .

* All forms and documents must be in English or accompanied by authorized translations.

** Always check your visa conditions to be clear about whether or not you can work the 20 hours, and if you are authorized to work full time on vacation. To renew a student visa, a new application to the New Zealand Immigration Service is required.

Students entering New Zealand on a Student Visa are strictly prohibited from engaging in any work activity, whether temporary, seasonal or part-time, under penalty of being removed immediately.

Exception : According to the instructions and regulations of the New Zealand Immigration Service, students may work up to 20 hours per week, provided they apply for a student visa and are enrolled in a Category 1 School course, with a minimum duration of 14 weeks. If the student is going to study at a Category 2 School, it is also possible to have the benefit of being able to work up to 20 hours per week, but the course must be at least 6 months and the student must have a 5.0 mark on the IELTS.





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