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Work Visa 

People who wish to work in New Zealand are required to apply for a work visa, within or outside New Zealand. And for that it is necessary to apply for a visa, called Work Visa.

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There are several types of Work Visa, but in general to apply for this visa it is necessary to apply online directly on the immigration website, here:

  • Passport (for Brazilians, valid for at least three months after departure from New Zealand);

  • 1 digital photo - ;

  • Payment of the appropriate fee;

  • Job Offer – Job Offer;

  • Vacancy/Function Description – Job Description;

  • Individual Agreement – Individual Agreement with payment details and employment proposal conditions;

  • Evidence that the applicant has qualifications relevant to the job offer;

  • INZ1113 – Employer Supplementary Form – Form INZ1113 – Employer Form, is used for employers/companies that have offered a position to a foreigner who is applying for a Work Visa.

  • The employer must provide proof that he tried to find a local workforce, a person who already holds a work visa or a work permit without a visa, such as a New Zealand or Australian resident or citizen.

Minimum wage requirement of NZ$25.50 per hour in order to get a 3-year visa that entitles the partner to apply for a work visa through the partnership and dependent children can study for free as a Domestic Student, as a dependent child.

And if the vacancy pays less than NZ$25.50 per hour, the visa would only last for 6 months, and in addition to the normal required proof, known as the Labor Market Test, where the employer must make an advertisement and strive to seek such labor first citizen or resident of New Zealand, and only if you are unable to offer such a place to a foreigner. Anyone earning below NZ$25.50 per hour is also required to apply for the Skills Match Report with Work and Income New Zealand, in which case the partner would only be entitled to apply for a visitor visa and children are entitled to the visa as a dependent child.

For the child to be eligible for a visa as a dependent child, the parent must earn at least NZ$43,322.76 per year.

  • Evidence that the applicant has relevant professional experience for the job offer;

  • Evidence that the applicant is able to meet the requirements for professional registration in New Zealand – if required – depends on the area, the professions for which registration is required;

  • Anyone who is going to stay in New Zealand for a period longer than 6 months and less than 12 months must submit a  chest x-ray  and for those who will stay in New Zealand for a period longer than 12 months, in addition to the  Chest x-ray should also do a general medical exam , done with  accredited physician, see the listing here  and about the  required exams .

  • Anyone who is going to stay in New Zealand for a period longer than 24 months (including the time you have already stayed in New Zealand), must present the Criminal Records Certificate -  police  Certificate . Each country has a specific process for this request, for Brazilian citizens it must be done by  Federal Police website , Portuguese citizens should apply for the  Criminal Record Certificate .

To renew the work visa, it is necessary to make a new application to immigration.

  * All forms and documents must be in English or accompanied by authorized translations.
** Many changes to work visa categories will take place after 2021. All work visa categories will be closed and a new format will be used, known simply as TEMPORARY WORK VISA. Keep an eye here on the website, on the channel on  and on Instagram  @nz seen  that Peterson will post the changes as they occur.





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