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Work Holiday Visa 

If you meet the requirements described below, you are eligible to apply for the Work Holiday Visa. This visa will only be granted if the New Zealand Department of Immigration decides that you meet all requirements. Meets the criteria of the Vacation and Work Agreement who:

  • You are a Brazilian citizen, or another citizenship that is part of this visa category ( currently 45 countries ) and has a passport with an expiration date of at least three months after the planned departure date from New Zealand;

  • You are between 18 and 30 years of age, and for a few countries up to 35 years of age - that is, if you have not yet turned 18 on the date the visa is available on the immigration website, you cannot apply, and it is valid until one day before turning 31;

  • You will be visiting New Zealand as a tourist, with work or study as secondary motives/intentions (but if the ultimate goal is to work, you must request one.  Work Visa – Work Visa );

  • You will not travel with dependents – children or a partner – as this visa does not allow dependents to be brought. Unless they have an appropriate visa independent of yours;

  • Do you have a ticket out of New Zealand, or do you have enough money to buy a ticket back to Brazil;

  • Have enough money to cover your stay in New Zealand (minimum NZ$4,200);

  • You have comprehensive hospital and medical insurance valid for your entire stay in New Zealand;

  • Have not had a 'Vacation and Work' visa previously granted – even if another citizenship was used – in the case of persons with dual citizenship;

  • Prove compliance with the requirements of  health  and  criminal  of New Zealand.

Medical exams

For requests made outside of New Zealand, it is necessary to undergo an X-ray exam with a doctor accredited by the Immigration Service.

see the  list of accredited doctors  on the New Zealand Immigration website.

For applications made in New Zealand, a complete medical examination is required.

Important informations

Once in New Zealand:

  • You must not have permanent employment (unless you apply for a work permit and it is granted);

  • You must not work for the same employer for more than three months;

  • You can enroll in a course(s) and study/train for up to six months, in total duration, during your stay.

online order

The online application for the Working Holiday Visa – Working Holiday Visa is made through the New Zealand Immigration website at:

Work Holiday Visa – Brazil:  

   * Pay attention to the official page link above, and check the application dates.

The steps for online ordering are:

  • Registration with online services (this registration can be done at any time – so do it as soon as possible so as not to waste time when the visa is available on the immigration website);

  • Filling out the online form, only after opening the program on the immigration website (pay attention to the times mentioned above);

  • Payment of the visa fee, only with Visa or Mastercard International credit card.

After your order is accepted for review, you will receive a confirmation message that your online order has been received and so that it can be reviewed, please also send:

For orders placed outside of New Zealand – Submit the  x-ray exam  within a period determined by the message sent by immigration, normally 15 calendar days – this is sent directly by the accredited physician to the immigration e-Medical system.

For orders placed within New Zealand – Submit the  complete medical examination  within a period determined by the message sent by immigration, normally 15 calendar days – this is sent directly by the accredited physician to the immigration e-Medical system.

The visa process must be accompanied by the New Zealand Immigration website via your login on  Online Services .

If you have any questions, please contact the Immigration Call Center +64 9 914 4100 [if you have difficulty communicating in English, ask for the free interpretation service –  Language Line  – and ask for PORTUGUESE INTERPRETER.

After visa approval

Once your request is approved, you will receive an automatic email informing you that the position of your request has changed and that you can have access to your request on the website. You must then login to  Online Services  to view and print your visa.

Check your visa details – Name, date of birth, passport number and validity must be correct and exactly the same in your application;

Your printed visa must be presented with your passport upon your arrival in New Zealand, accompanied by proof of health insurance for the length of stay, usually one year, and proof that you have access to NZ$4,200 (minimum), can be via extract bank, credit card, cash or traveller's cheque.








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